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I’m GNASHER. I'm an artist who has painted large scale murals for Xbox, Ford , West Ham Utd and Easyjet, amongst others. I'm covered in spray paint, acrylic and emulsion and I wouldn't have it any other way.

It all started in 1985. The growing UK graffiti movement brought some well-known graffiti artists to my hometown of Harlow in Essex. Back then, I was an eager young graffiti writer mainly painting letters and words, but seeing these artists create characters to go with their letters inspired me to develop my own, hyper-real style of spray can art.

As I went on to study art and graphic design, I left behind the world of graffiti and travelled the world concentrating on Djing and graphic design. But 16 years later, in 2009, a friend bought a load of spray paint and invited me out for the day: graffiti was back in my life and I was hooked.

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