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K & B


We have been friends since Primary school, studying graphic design together at Ravensbourne University of London. During our final year of our degree, we were asked to take on a mural project at our part time jobs. This project was to paint a bright and colourful mural in their basement level cafe. We completed the commission to a high standard, and were surprised by how much we enjoyed the project. Little did we know, this would be the first of many of our mural projects which lead us to officially form K&B Design.

Now K&B Design Ltd provides custom hand-painted murals for areas and spaces that need it the most, from the small interior of a salon, to the large exterior of a town park. We believe that good signage or artwork in a public or commercial space, is a great way of creating an enjoyable environment, which is an important when attracting the public to a space. We are passionate about engaging with local communities and creating art with and for the public.

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