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PART I : Outline

This application form consists of: - An outline of the event including your participation role and our expectations. - An Agreement to be accepted by the Artists.

PART II : General

Article 2.1. Age Restrictions
This jam is open to entries over the age of 18 unless prior affiliation has been established.

Article 2.2. Objectives of the Southend City Jam

To promote the practice of Street Art / Graffiti. - To promote international exchanges and cultural diversity. - To engage the public and share Street Art / Graffiti.- To promote local businesses. - To generate new tourism.


Article 2.3. Location and Dates
The selected artists will paint their murals at locations across Southend City – 1ST, 2ND & 3RD of September 2023, the walls / surfaces will be pre-designated and discussed with artists before the event.


Article 2.4. Facilities and Equipment
An after event venue has been arranged (To unwind food / drinks etc) Spraypaint and buffed walls will be provided by the team (If you have any special requirements for paint / brands please let us know)


Article 2.5. The Event
During the three days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) the selected graffiti artists will be required to be present to finish their walls, however artists are welcome to start their walls earlier in the week.

PART III : Expectations of the Artists

Article 3.1. The Artists
The artists must conduct themselves in a responsible, adult fashion. They must be committed to presenting a quality work of art and respecting the criteria set of selection (see article 3.2.)


Article 3.2. Art Criteria and Limitations
No theme is given to the artist on their artwork selection choice however; anything deemed to promote or themed with: Politics, Racism, Nudity, Social Unrest, Violence or anything that could offend any people groups will not be approved.

personal advertising on the wall allocated to you is allowed however it must not be dominating on the overall wall, we request if you plan to advertise on your wall it is also included in your design submission for acceptance. Personal advertising (business or personal) via banners or any means is not permitted as the event already has sponsors designated for each location. Each painting is expected to be of high quality and to be technically and artistically realisable over the one day duration of your visit. (If more time is needed, please speak to the event co-ordinators) Each Artist once designated a wall, will arrange their wall design and spray paint order with the event organiser. (We will be preparing the base coat colour of your wall)

Article 3.3. Deadline
Deadline to apply June 1st 2023

Article 3.4 Cancellation
In case of cancellation please let us know as soon as possible.


PART IV : Artist Engagements

Article 4.1. Behavior
Each Artist consents to: a decent and reasonable behaviour during the Southend City Jam 2023. By not painting beyond the areas defined and allocated in agreement with the city of Southend and respecting the environment and city infrastructures. 

Article 4.2. Image Rights
Each Artist accepts, through their participation in the Southend City Jam, that photos of their person and their work are taken during the Event. By their involvement, each Artist gives their permission/license to re-use and publish pictures, from this event. (Internet, magazine, flyers, promotional etc) image rights are still retained and belong to the individual artists.

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