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Welcome to Southend City Jam trainee application, thank you for interest in applying for the street art training.

Pryzm Arts, in partnership with Southend City Jam and Southend on Sea City Council, is offering free street art training to address the lack of female participation in the street art scene. Within the culture there are some talented female artists, however historically street art is mostly practiced by males.

We are offering the chance for 5 female artists (age 10+) to learn the skills necessary to produce artwork via a spray-paint based medium.

The aim of the course is to help build a level of competency with a spray can for a new generation of artists and the opportunity to paint a wall at this year’s Southend City Jam 2022.

If this is something you would like to participate in and you are available for training between the dates:

1st August - 7th August 2022

and the Southend City Jam Event over:

Monday 29th August - Monday 5th September 2022

If this all sounds like something you are interested in and you are available for both sets of dates then please fill out the simple form below.

Please note: not all entries will be successful due to limited space on the free course. We wish we could invite everyone, however all unsuccessful entries will be put on a shortlist in case of extra space becoming available and will be notified of future events.

Trainee Application

Application Form

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